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Halloween Fluffy Loopy Bow



You'll need the following:
We used the following, all in 4.5 inch strips of 7/8 ribbon unless otherwise noted!
  • Delphinium Dazzle Grosgrain
  • Emerald Dazzle Grosgrain
  • Black Dazzle Grosgrain
  • Orange Dazzle Grosgrain
  • Sheerly Glitter Orange
  • Sheerly Glitter Orchid
  • Orange Stripes
  • Black Stripes
  • Black Sugar Chevron
  • Black RABOM Iridescence


  • 2 felt circles, Upholstery Thread (trust us!), Needle, Bow Genius
  • Scissors, Glue Gun, Lighter
  • Covered Alligator Clip (headband would work great!