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Double Ruffle Boutique Bow


Double Ruffle can be a slippery challenge when it comes to bow making - not so with the Bow Board! Bow Boards are perfect for Satin, Sheers and Double Ruffles - keep all of your moves clipped to the board and cinch your knot while it’s still on the board! No sewing or accordion-folding. This fluffy, pretty Boutique Bow is so fun!


You’ll need the following

  • 2 x 30 inches of 1.5 inch Double Ruffle
  • 5 inches of 3/8 Double Ruffle for center OR 5 inches of 1.5 inch Double Ruffle for center
  • 5 inch bow board
  • upholstry thread or very thin wire
  • small zip tie
  • 4 alligator clips
  • 1 covered alligator clip
  • glue gun, scissors, lighter


Video Transcript:

Double Ruffle Ribbon is so beautiful and the texture is especially girly and sweet. Because it’s a very thin and slippery poly material, it’s not as easy to work with as Grosgrain, but with the Bowboard and Alligator clips, we’ll be able to keep all our moves in-place while we work. Let’s get started!


Take your first 30 inch length of ribbon and clip the tail to the bottom right corner of your 5 inch Bow Board. Looking to the upper left corner, fold your ribbon on top of the bowboard, not behind, and pull the length of your ribbon directly across to the upper right corner. Clip this into place and now, fold behind the bow board, bringing ribbon in an X shape down to bottom left corner. Clip in place. Bringing length of ribbon horizontally across bow board, tuck underneath your first move. Re-clip these two layers together, then for your final move, bring length of ribbon around back of bowboard, clipping to top left corner of bow board. On one side of the bow board, you should see the ribbons make an EQUAL sign, on the reverse side, you should see the ribbons make an X. 


Now taking your upholstery thread, wrap around the center of your bow twice and pull tight. Twist this to get a good center, then tie off and trim your threads. If you are using the bow board, it’s not necessary to crease or sew your center as you will be stacking two bows together and securing them with a zip tie. 


Now let’s start the process over with our second bow.


Once both bows are completed, it’s time to stack! Rotate one of your bows so the tails are facing the opposite direction.


You can stack bows on top of one another OR turn your top bow at a slight angle. We’re doing this so that our bow looks extra full. Stack your bows on top of one another, making sure you like the look. Like all of our other bows, we’re going to secure these with a zip tie. Make sure the zip tie is hugging the knot around the center. Insert your alligator clip or headband between the zip tie and the bow and then pull as tight as you can.


You may want to trim your ends down right now or wait until the bow is finished to decide how to trim your ends. Make sure you seal after you trim!


To place our center, we’ve tied our knot and glued it to the front of our bow to make sure it stays in place. When your center has set, open your alligator clip, place glue inside, and bring the end of the knot down to your glue. Hold in place. Then repeat on the other side, trimming and sealing where necessary.


Now you may want to go back in and trim your tails. Make sure to seal your ends!


And you are all done! You can find all of these supplies, plus so many colors of Double Ruffle, Satin, Grosgrain, Polka and Organza ribbon and ribbonandbowsohmy.com as well as many more tutorials. Thank you guys for watching!