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Spike Bow and Bow Genius Tutorial


Make cute, symmetrical Spike Bows on the Bow Genius! You’ll need 3 pieces of 6-inch lengths of ribbon and some attention to detail! You just want to make sure that your lengths are exactly the same AND you’re getting your needle through the direct center of your bow. Bow Genius helps with that! Find all of these supplies AND Bow Genius at ribbonandbowsohmy.com

You’ll need the following material:
1.5 inch grosgrain: 3 pieces, 6 inch lengths
1.5 inch grosgrain: 2 pieces, 5 inch lengths
3/8 inch grosgrain: 1 piece, 6 inch length

Bow Genius
2 knotted threads (embroidery thread is best)
alligator clip
glue gun, scissors, lighter