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Shamrock Ribbon Sculpture


You'll need the following: 3/8 inch Apple grosgrain, 2.75 - 3 inches in length (6 pieces) 3/8 inch Apple Grosgrain, 2.5 inches 3/8 inch Apple Grosgrain, 7 inches Hot Pink 3/8 Saddle Stitch, 6 inches Hot Pink 3/8 Saddle Stitch, 1 inch ** CAREFULLY seal all ends before starting your Ribbon Sculpture alligator clip, either single or double prong Glue gun, lighter, scissors, ruler, needle and thread


RABOM Supplies Needed

Saddle Stitch Ribbon

$0.00 x

Solid Grosgrain

$0.00 x

Single Prong Alligator Clips

$0.00 x

Cordless Glue Gun

$18.99 x

Glue Sticks

$0.00 x