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Ribbon Belt


1 length  of 7/8” wide ribbon

1 length of 1 ¼” polypro webbing
(these lengths should be the size of the waist plus approximately 8”)

2 1.5” D-Rings

1 Belt tip clip

Fabric Tac adhesive


    1. Cut your ribbon and webbing to the appropriate length.
      Apply Fabric Tac adhesive to the back side of the ribbon and
      carefully place on the center of the webbing.
      Heat seal both ends of your ribbon and webbing.

    2. Stitch the ribbon down both sides of your belt.

    3. Hem one end of the belt by folding it over approximately ½”
      and stitching across, or finish with a belt tip clip by crimping
      the clip at the end of the ribbon and webbing.

    4. Place the un-hemmed in of the belt through the 2 D-Rings.
      Fold the ribbon under approximately 1” and then stitch across
      the belt to secure the D-Rings in place. 

RABOM Supplies Needed


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Webbing Packs

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Belt Tips

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