We offer a variety of ribbons & we can print customized designs

Key Fob


10 to 12 inches of polypro webbing
(length needed all depends on the length you would like your finished key fob to be)
10 to 12 inches of ribbon (we like ⅞”)
Key fob hardware
Fabri Tac adhesive


  1. Apply your Fabri Tac adhesive to the back of the ribbon and place the ribbon in the center of your webbing. Allow to dry completely. For added durability, you can stitch the sides of your ribbon.
  2. Once the ribbon is attached, fold your webbing in half and line up the ends. Insert the ends into the key fob clamp and use your pliers to close nice and tight. We suggest that you use a barrier between your pliers and the hardware to prevent scratching. A ribbon or fabric scrap works very well for this.
  3. Add your split ring and your new key fob is complete.

These quick and easy key fobs make great gifts that are perfect for teachers, friends and babysitters.

RABOM Supplies Needed


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Webbing Packs

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RABOM Flower Pack

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Cordless Glue Gun

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Glue Sticks

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Double Sided Tape

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