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Peacock Hairclips


Small Feathers

Large Peacock Plume


Barrette or RABOM Clip

Hot Glue Gun or Glue Dots


  1. Take a hot glue gun or glue dots & layer the small solid feathers onto the
    barrette cover as desired so the barrette cover is completely covered with
    the feathers, you can overlay the feathers a bit & then trim them down
    once they are glued for a clean finish on the edges as well.
  2. Next take the large peacock plume & center it in the middle of the cover &
    hot glue the back of the bottom plume then secure into place. (You can also
    run some hot glue down the spine of the plume to secure it better if desired)

  3. Once your feathers are arranged as desired, you can put the finishing touches
    onto the clip by adding a few of the rhinestones to the base or on the peacock
    plume with hot glue. Next flip over the barrette cover & hot glue the alligator
    clip to the back so the clip will be facing the direction you would like it to hold
    the hair in place once it’s finished.

RABOM Supplies Needed


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