We offer a variety of ribbons & we can print customized designs

Resins and Trims

Hairbow accessories galore! From Bottlecaps to clip covers, rope flowers to Shabby Chiffon flowers, resins to Ribbon Sculpture Hairclips, RABOM carries a careful selection of hairbow bling! Lovers of the stacked bow and inspired bow, this is your place to find cute trim to make that perfect over-the-top bow!

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Ballerina $7.95
Penguin $7.95
Scarecrow $7.95
Snowflake $7.95
Straw Hat $7.95
Turkey $7.95
Butterfly $7.95
Fish $7.95
Dr. Seuss $7.95
Stretch Glitterific Starting at $4.50
Chinese Braid Starting at $0.40
Solid Fold Over Elastic Starting at $5.00
Cotton Flower/Rope Starting at $1.25
1 inch Felt Circles Starting at $1.95
Crochet Beanies Starting at $2.25
Flat Back Resins Starting at $1.35
Specialty Resins Starting at $1.35
Rope Flowers Starting at $1.40
Webbing Starting at $0.75