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Festive Tree Skirt


You will need:

Thick felt, cut into a circle
Ribbon – We used a 5 yard roll of 5/8″ Red Saddle Stitch Ribbon & a 5 yard roll of 3/8″ Lime Stripe Ribbon
Glue gun


1. First you will want to place your ribbon evenly along the diameter of the felt circle. Pin ribbon to the felt to ensure stability until you are ready to glue. Speaking of glue, now is a good time to start heating up your glue gun.

2. Draw a circle in the center of your felt, making sure it is wide enough for the trunk of your tree to fit through. Then cut out the center.

3. Start gluing the ribbon to the felt from the center to the outside edge of the circle. We used two pairs of hands for this part but you can do it by yourself if needed.

4. Let your tree skirt dry and then set out your presents! All finished.

RABOM Supplies Needed

Saddle Stitch Ribbon

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Saddle Stitch Ribbon

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Cordless Glue Gun

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Glue Sticks

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