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Water Lilies - 7 colors Starting at $1.20
Satin Rose - 8 colors Starting at $0.85
Pearl Poppies - 7 colors Starting at $0.90
Pretty Peonies - 14 colors Starting at $1.25
Lace Lovelies - 20 Colors Starting at $1.40
Burlap Beauties - 13 Colors Starting at $1.20

Whether you're an experienced DIY enthusiast or a cheerleading mom, Ribbon and Bows Oh My! is the one-stop shop for finding all the craft and hair accessories you need at affordable prices to love. Explore our wide selection of shabbies. These adorable little applique fixtures are ideal for enhancing headbands, hair clips, ribbons, and other trims. Our extensive selection provides dozens of adorable colors, shapes, and materials to choose from, including sparkly sequins, satin bows or rosettes, burlap beauties, tulle sculptures, and so much more. Explore our inventory today to find the perfect accessory for a special occasion or everyday wear. Our fine selection of ribbon shabbies includes intricate and ornamental fixtures that are ready for immediate application. Ring in the warmer weather with a gorgeous satin rose that can be clustered on dresses or used simply as a clip for a prim and polished appeal in your favorite hue. Mimic the change in seasons by adorning any look or hair bow accessory with dainty tulle and pearl poppies, charming burlap flowers, or heart-shaped petals embellished by rhinestones and pearl accents. Looking to accessorize school outfits, formal clothing, or hair clips? Look no further than our signature ballerina blooms with tutu-shaped ruffles backed with a felt circle for primed and easy application. We offer a wide range of colors and prints to choose from so you can coordinate a bloom or pretty peony for each special outfit or dance ensemble. An elegant alternative to our blooms would be our lace shabbies, offering a delicate combination of chiffon and lace for a luxurious texture that will add depth and definition to any of your homemade masterpieces. Ribbon shabbies are some of the most popular embellishments for portraits, dance recitals, and themed uniforms. Our shabby elastic headband is available in more than a dozen color varieties and comes assembled for newborn photo shoots and adolescent headband enthusiasts. You may also adore our sequin bows and glamorous satin bunch bows for decorating dresses and costumes. RABOM supplies all the tools and materials you need for your craft project to succeed. Contact us today with any questions or concerns so we may better assist you.