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CL Plastic Barrette Starting at $1.00
CL Bow Boards Starting at $1.00
D-Rings Starting at $2.15
French Clips Starting at $2.00
Metal Headbands Starting at $0.55
Plastic Headbands Starting at $0.25
Glue Sticks Starting at $2.00
Key FOBS Starting at $2.70
Snap Clips Starting at $2.20
Keychain Bow Hardware Starting at $5.99
RABOM Clips Starting at $5.65
Webbing Starting at $0.75

Looking for a practical way to accessorize your hair bows, braided headbands, clippies, dog collars, or key fobs? You've come to the right place. Ribbon and Bows Oh My! carries a wide range of hair clip hardware and ribbon hardware so you can enhance any look or DIY craft project. Our selection includes barrettes, bobby pins, belt tips, headbands, elastics, and tools for turning your creative vision into reality. If you're a bowmaker or hair accessory ribbonista, you've finally arrived at your destination. Explore our marvelous selection of clips for bows and hardware today! When it comes to embellishing, there's no better way to show off your individual sense of style and creativity than by adding color and various levels of texture. Browse our remarkable selection of hair clip hardware, including alligator clips with or without teeth, hair huggers for fine hair, and heaps of bling so colorful and sparkly that you'll need sunglasses to look at them. Looking to make an adorable party favor or accessory for your children or students? Key fobs are an excellent giveaway choice for birthdays, events, and special occasions. We offer starter kits or you can make them from scratch by choosing our nickel-plated clamps, split rings, webbing, and ribbon. There are virtually a million ways to utilize bottle caps in arts and crafts. Create the perfect centerpiece for any hairstyle or project by exploring our selection of ribbon hardware. We offer a wide range of bottle caps and epoxy dots, which are scratch resistant and feature a high-gloss finish that will never yellow. This collection also includes D-rings for easy DIY bow holders and hangers. Are you new to crafts and unsure of where to start? We offer all the accessories and hair clip hardware you need to create masterpieces in the comfort of your own home. Don't get tangled up in wires and more when you're trying to set your favorite applique or ribbon! Discover the convenience or a cordless glue gun. We also supply all-temperature glue sticks in two different sizes. Make your own custom dog collar at home with the help of our pet hardware collection. If you have any questions about our clips for bows selection or shipping, please contact us today so we may better serve you.