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Burlap Valentine Notebook


  • 12″ x 12″ Sheet of Burlap
  • Card Stock
  • Grand Natural Net & 5/8″ Saddle Stitch ribbon (10 inches of each)
  • Hot Glue Gun                                       



1.  Cut the burlap a little over half way down the center. Don’t worry about the extra, you will fold it into the book later.

2.   Glue the card stock to the burlap. Make sure you have even edges along the top and bottom of the notebook. Then fold the extra burlap over the edge of the top and bottom sheets of your card stock and glue.

3.   Grab the pages of your notebook and cut off a half inch from the edges. This way you won’t see the pages when your notebook is closed.

4.  Weave the saddle stitch ribbon into the grand natural net ribbon. Then, hot glue the ribbon to the cover of the notebook.

Almost finished! Just snip off the rough edges and add your personal message in the front flap. We hope this tutorial puts you in the mood for Valentine’s Day as much as it did for us!

RABOM Supplies Needed

Saddle Stitch Ribbon

$0.00 x

Natural Grand Net - Wired - 3 colors

$0.00 x

Burcheck - 3 colors

$0.00 x

Cordless Glue Gun

$18.99 x

Glue Sticks

$0.00 x