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Bow Board


Art canvas

Fabric – should be large enough to cover your canvas completely
with enough to wrap to back of canvas for securing Ribbon
(we like ⅞” for this project)
Hot glue gun
Heavy Duty Stapler (for extra strength)



    1. Lay your fabric out with the right side facing down. Center the canvas face down on the backside of the fabric. Use your glue gun to apply a line of hot glue to the back of the canvas frame fold fabric up and adhere firmly to the frame.  Check the fabric to make sure that it’s straight and smooth on the front of your canvas. Flip the canvas around and use the same process to glue the opposite side of the fabric to the frame, making sure to pull it very tight. At this point, you will want to trim the excess fabric from the sides the have been glued to the frame. Following the same process, finish gluing the other two sides of fabric to the frame. Pull the unglued corners tight and apply glue at an angle to hold the corners.
    2. For added strength on your board, you might want to add a few heavy-duty staples to the back of your canvas.
    3. You are now ready to add the ribbons. The number of vertical ribbons you attach depends on the size of your canvas and the amount of bow storage that you need.
    4. Make sure to measure your ribbon leaving enough of extra ribbon to overlap to the back of your canvas. Glue the end of the ribbon to the back of the canvas. Before gluing the bottom end, make sure the you have enough room to slide your hand underneath the ribbon, so the bows can be attached and removed without problem. Do not glue the ribbon on the front of your canvas, only on the top and bottom of the back of the canvas frame. Repeat this process until you have the desired look on your canvas. The last ribbon should be cut long enough to fit horizontally across your canvas. Attach this ribbon section with glue as the vertical ribbons were attached. We find that this horizontal ribbon looks best if attached approximately 1 inch from the top of your canvas. Again, for added strength, you can add a heavy duty staple to each end of your ribbons.
    5. To make your hanger for the Bow Board, tie a simple bow from a smaller ribbon leaving long tails. Glue and staple the tails to the center of the back of your canvas.
    6. For a completely finished look on your Bow Board, we suggest adding a 1.5” solid grosgrain ribbon to the back frame of your board. This will cover all the rough edges, glue marks and staples.

RABOM Supplies Needed

Cordless Glue Gun

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Glue Sticks

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Single Prong Alligator Clips

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