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Boutique Bow + Bow Board


Is this your first Boutique Bow? Perfect! Start using a Rabom Bow Board! With the Bow Board, you'll waste zero ribbon as you're learning, producing a great bow every time (first time included!!) We love this method and it could not be easier, more reliable or repeatable. This is one of our series of Rabom Bowmaking 101 Class : stay tuned for more essential bow tutorials from the best-priced, best-quality ribbon store on the internet!

  • 26 inches of 1.5 inch Grosgrain

  • ~4-5 inches of 5/8 inch matching Grosgrain

  • 4 alligator clips

  • one 5-inch bow board

  • needle + thread OR thin gauge wire at least 12 inches

  • scissors

  • lighter

  • glue gun




  • Seal ends of your 1.5 inch ribbon

  • Starting at Bottom Right corner of BowBoard, allow ribbon a 1-inch tail to run off the BR edge of board. Clip ribbon in place with Alligator Clip. Run rest of length of ribbon diagonally towards Upper Left corner of BowBoard.

  • Fold ribbon at Upper Left edge of BowBoard, do not run ribbon behind BowBoard but fold so that the crease is parallel to vertical edge of bow board and bottom layer of ribbon is running horizontally towards Upper Right corner of BowBoard. Clip ribbon in place at UL corner with Alligator Clip.

  • Take length of ribbon to Upper Right corner of BowBoard. Fold behind vertical edge of right side of BowBoard, taking ribbon behind BowBoard diagonally down towards Bottom Left Corner. Clip ribbon in place with Alligator Clip at Upper Right corner. 

  • Take remaining length of ribbon at Bottom Left corner from behind BowBoard, around edge, to front of BowBoard facing you. This length of ribbon should run horizontally across bowboard, parallel to and directly under top-horizontal length of ribbon. Clip ribbon in place at Bottom Left Corner with Alligator Clip.

  • Taking needle and thread through the center gap in BowBoard, pull through all four layers of bow and insert two evenly-spaced stitches 1/2 inch from either bottom or top of folds. 

  • Cinch, unclip alligator clips, gently pull folds off of Bowboard and carefully arrange creases for the center of the bow. Accordion-fold, if desired, and use remaining thread to tightly wrap center of bow. Tie off knot on back of bow. Trim tails and seal ends as desired.

  • Insert alligator clip between thread and back-of-bow at the center OR hot-glue alligator clip to back of bow.

  • Place center knot as desired! Be sure if gluing to back of bow, to open alligator clip to glue knot to inside-edge, not outside!