Things to Remember this Memorial Day ❤️

Memorial Day Weekend is supposed to be a time to honor, celebrate and remember. However, we can all get so caught up in celebrations that we forget the reason for this holiday.

Here are some things to remember or focus on this weekend!

  1. Relax! Do not make this holiday become a stressful job. If you are trying to plan a weekend trip or host a party, remember to relax and make sure that you are enjoying this time off as well as your family and friends.
  2. Family comes first! A huge part of this holiday is to bring your family together. Make sure you take time from all the festivities to spend time with your family while you and your spouse have this time off to spend with the kids.
  3. Remember! Take time to educate your children on what this holiday means, and maybe spend a moment of silence remembering and celebrating what these veterans did for us!

Be sure to enjoy this holiday weekend!



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