Paper Clip Bookmarks

Paper Clip Bookmarks

It’s finally Summer! Time for swimsuits, sunscreen, and playing outside. However, summer time also means that it’s summer reading time. This week I will show you a couple easy bookmark tutorials so that you and your family can have their own custom book accessories. Let’s get started!


  • Medium to large paper clips(I used 50mm paper clips)
  • 1/4″ or 3/8″ ribbon of your choice
  • Scissors


1. Pick out which paper clips you would like to use. I wanted something fun and colorful so I was able to find these cute striped ones.

2. There are a few ways to go about attaching the ribbon to the paper clip. The first way is to tie two pieces of ribbon to the top of the paper clip using a simple knot. Make sure you tie the ribbon to the end of the paper clip where there is only one loop.

3. The next way is to take two pieces of ribbon and lay one on top of the other. Fold the two pieces of ribbon in half and thread the loop through the paper clip. Feed the loose ends of the ribbon through the loop and pull tight.

4. The last way to attach your ribbon to the paper clip is to simply tie it in a bow.

Now you have a cute bookmark that is just for you. You can also use these paper clip bookmarks to mark your favorite recipes in a cookbook.

Check back later this week for another ribbon bookmark tutorial:)


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