Braided Ribbon Wreath

This braided ribbon wreath is one you will enjoy making. Once you learn the technique, you can try it with different size ribbons to make large wreaths for doors and walls or small ones for ornaments. I used this tutorial from The Trouble with Crafting to learn the process. There is also a great YouTube video showing the process for small braided wreath ornaments, Christmas Ribbon Wreath by cibglazer. I found these both helpful but then I upped it a notch to make this larger version of a braided wreath. I love the results, hope you do too!

This type of braid is called a Military Braid. We will make two identical braids and put them together on a metal hoop to create our wreath.


  • 10″ metal hoop or a metal hanger formed into a circle.
  • Approximately 55″ inches of blue satin ribbon to wrap around the metal hoop
  • 4 lengths of 5/8″ blue satin ribbon cut 72″ long
  • 32″ of woven simmer silver ribbon, plus a 24″ piece of the same ribbon (Bow)
  • 32″ of Elenora, Royal/silver 3/8″ ribbon, plus a 24″ piece of the same ribbon (Bow)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks



After forming a hoop from a metal hanger, or use a metal purchased hoop, wrap the metal with about 55″ of blue satin. Secure the ends with a dot of glue. Also use a pliers to bend the hanger part to form a loop so the wreath can be hung. If you use a purchased hoop, attach small length of ribbon now to use to hang your finished wreath.

We will make two braids that are identical. Following are the directions for one braid. Begin by taking two of the 72″ long satin ribbons

Step 1:  Take two 72″ long satin ribbons. Fold down 1- 1/2″ from one end of each satin ribbon. I used a pin to hold it in place while I inserted a small piece of Stitch Witchery or other similar product under the end of the ribbon. The Stitch Witchery is used to hold the end down. You can see it at the tip of the pin. You want  to create a loop at one end. Make sure there is an opening of at least 1″ in the loop. Do the same for the other ribbon.

Step 2:  Working from the back, begin the braiding by sticking one loop of one ribbon through the loop of the other ribbon. About one inch should be showing on the other side.


Step 3: Taking the right ribbon in your hand, fold the ribbon away from you to form a loop. Don’t crease the ribbon, allow it to be rounded. Push the loop through the opening of the left ribbon until it is about 1″ beyond the opening. Gently pull on the left ribbon to remove the slack but don’t crimp the ribbon. Keep them flat.


Step 4: Take the left ribbon, fold it away from you and form a loop. Push the new loop through the last loop. Pull the right ribbon to remove the slack.


Step 5: Repeat Step 3 and Step 4 until you used up the ribbons. One may be a little longer than the other. That’s OK. Uniform side loops look more professional and with practice it will become easier. Remember to keep the ribbon braid flat.


Step 6: To end the braid, just push the remaining end of the last ribbon through the loop



Step 7: Repeat Step 1-6 with the two remaining 72″ ribbons to make the second braid.


Step 8: When the two braids are complete, put a pin at the end to hold the ends in place.We will secure this later.


Step 9: Lay the braids right side down on a table and place the covered metal hoop over the braids. Arrange the braids to fit the curve of the hoop. The bottom of the two braids are overlapped slightly at the bottom of the wreath. The top is also overlapped slightly. Pin the braid in place. When you have the braids look even and round, place a dot of hot glue under the loop to hold the braid in place. I then made small rolls with the  remaining ribbon ends left at the end of the braid and glued them in place on the front side. Don’t cut them, just roll them and glue. This is where the bow will go, so it will be OK. You can see how I had bent and covered the entire hanger to create a hook on the wreath. Turn the wreath over.

Directions for adding a bow will be featured on Thursday’s blog.

Enjoy braiding!


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Other Tulle Wreaths

I found a really cool wreath I want to share with you on this website. Check out The House of Smiths  and this Rosette Tulle Wreath. Wouldn’t this be cool with some battery operated white lights to highlight it?


Next: New Look, Same Wreath

I actually updated the same wreath I showed yesterday into two different Christmas wreaths.

Glitzy Glam Wreath

I purchased some glitzy silver and bright green leaves and berries stalks, cut them apart and wired them to the wreath hoop. I found some wired ribbon in hot pink, green and silver to carry out the theme. It’ll be perfect for my granddaughter’s hot pink and black themed bedroom.

Snowman Wreath

In this version, I found some old Christmas decorations in the basement. There were 3 holly berry candle wreaths I opened up with a wire cutter to make 3  small swags. Each was wired to the inside of the tulle wreath. Next I wired a Snowman who used to sit on my mantle to the bottom of the wreath. Using the a 6″ by 60″ piece of burlap I made the hanger and tied another piece with a square knot. The knot is hot glued to the burlap ribbon not on the wreath.

Of course, you could make new wreaths since tulle is relatively inexpensive. Then you would not have to take the Thanksgiving one apart. I liked the idea of getting more use out of one wreath.

I’ve been searching for other tulle wreaths. I found these sites for you to check out and inspire you.


Tulle and Satin Christmas Wreath by Artfully Caroline


Christmas Tulle Wreath by Holiday Snob


Tulle and Burlap Wreath by The Gathering Place Design

Love the combination of tulle and burlap!


Quick and Easy Wreath by Creative Kismet


Good and Old Tulle Wreath by Just a Girl

A great way to reuse and recycle old Christmas decor!


Fall Tulle Wreath by Coleman-Crye


Do you have a favorite wreath you made or saw someplace else? Tell me about it and we will post them on Friday Share Day this week.

See you tomorrow.


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Holiday Wreaths

Holiday Wreaths seemed to be the perfect theme for this week. Last Thursday,  I looked out my patio doors while working at my computer and all I saw was SNOW! I know I wasn’t the only one surprised to see it, but there it was falling on top of my yard full of unraked leaves. It made me in the mood to think, “WREATHS” for the holidays. Today I am featuring a tulle wreath.

Tulle Wreath Supplies

  • 10” metal wreath hoop
  • 2 spools of tulle,
    burgundy tulle, cut into equal 18” lengths
  • Embellishments, purchased fall flower collection with leaves, burlap ribbon made from a cut piece of burlap


Cut the tulle into 18” lengths. You can make them longer, if you wish. 24” will make a larger wreath but you will need another spool of tulle. HINT: scrunch the tulle at the place you want to cut it to make it easier to cut.


Put the two ends together to make a loop, put the loop under the metal hoop, fold the ends of the tulle over the metal hoop and pull the ends through the loop. Pull tightly to make a knot.


Repeat all the way around the hoop until you have your desired thickness. Attach a ribbon to the metal hoop to create a loop to hang the wreath.


Embellishment can be anything you wish to add. The sky is the limit! I wired a purchased fall flower with leaves and a floppy burlap bow to use it at Thanksgiving. Hint: Since the color is burgundy, adding Christmas embellishments later will carry it throughout the season.


Can’t wait to see your tulle wreaths for the holidays. Please send in your ideas and creations. There is a link on the right side of this blog.

See you tomorrow!


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Friday’s Craft

Sharing Day at Ribbons and Bows Oh My  is every Friday.  Just follow my link on the right to submit ideas, favorite projects and project photos. Ribbons and Bows Oh My will post the best ones the following week. Look on our Facebook link for so many tutu ideas previously submitted there.

Yesterday there was a question about making tulle puffs. After giving a suggestion, I promised the viewer another way to make the puffs.

Making a Tulle Puff Using Your Hands as the Guide

Cut about 45″ of 6″ tulle and a 1″ x 6″ piece of tulle . I am going to use the fingers on my left hand to wrap the tulle around since I am right-handed. Please adjust accordingly. Palm side up, create a “V” between your middle and ring fingers holding the other two fingers together. You know like in Spock’s Vulcan Salute? Hold one end of the tulle with your thumb against your palm.Wrap the tulle, scrunched together as you go, up and around towards the back of the top fingers, through the “V”, down the front and around the back of the bottom fingers. Continue wrapping the tulle in a “figure 8″ pattern around your fingers until you run out of tulle. Taking the small piece of tulle, wrap it around the center where the tulle crosses over itself. Take it off your hand and tie the center tightly. Now pull each tulle loop apart. Adjust the loops randomly to create a full puff. This puff is about 3” in diameter, depending how big your hand is, I guess. Try it, it’s fun!

Imagine using this technique in making beautiful tulle ribbons for gift wrapping.

Until next week – ENJOY!


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Ballet Accessories

Ballet Accessories Created by You!

No Sew Tutu! Ballerina Wand!  Now it’s time to make some hair embellishments using colors that match and enhance the overall ballerina look.

I chose to make Pony Tail Elastic Streamers using the same ribbons, colors and textures I used on the ballerina wand. This is a great time to use up small pieces of ribbon if you have any. Just make sure the colors compliment the tutu and wand. It’s OK if you introduce some new ribbons and colors; just keep some of the same colors to create unity in the design. Since my color scheme is red and pink, I added some Hot Pink Korker ribbon along with repeating the other ribbons used in the wand.

The tutorial on making Pony Tail Elastic Streamers is found on our Wednesday blog. It gives a basic lesson on making these super easy hair ribbons that little girls love to wear. These can have lots of ribbons or just a few chosen colors. It’s up to you! All of the ribbons including the Korkers can be ordered at Ribbons and Bows Oh My.

Pony-O Streamers
Supplies I used:

Hot Pink grosgrain Korker ribbon – (3/8”) 2 – 8 inch pieces
12 “ piece of Rose Pink Cherries patterned grosgrain ribbon
12” piece of Two Tone pink Glitterific (3/8”) ribbon
12” French Pink 3/8” grosgrain ribbon Plus another 6 “ piece
2 – 12” pieces of solid sheer 3/8”, light pink, ribbon
Pony Tail Elastic
Hot glue gun and glue
Needle and thread

• Start by stacking the ribbons on top of each other beginning with the widest one first. Don’t worry if they are not perfectly lined up. You will trim them later so that lengths are varied in size.
• With the needle and thread baste the center of the ribbons together, crimping the widest ribbon. Secure by wrapping the thread around the center.
• Tie a square knot in the 6” ribbon. Dot glue in the middle of the knot and a-line the knot to the center of the ribbons perpendicularly.

• Put a glue dot on the Pony Tail Elastic elastic band and secure it the to the ribbons. Wrap the ribbon around the elastic and hold it tight. Snip the extra ribbon.
• Cut the hanging ends of the long ribbon in any cut your wish. Some ideas are the fishtail, diagonal or squiggly cuts.
• Add any embellishments you wish

Hair clips:

Glue the same selection of ribbons to a hair clip. Small pieces of Korker ribbons work really well here.


Cover a headband with a ribbon that compliments the color scheme. Next hot glue Korkers, short pieces of ribbon, small flowers, etc. to the headband.

Ballerina Legwarmes: The same ribbons are added to a hair clip and clipped to legwarmers. Now my ballerina is complete from head to toe!

Did you know Ribbons and Bows Oh My now carries headbands in three sizes: adult, child and, now, doll sizes? Imagine making matching ballet class tutus, wands and headbands not only for your little ballerina but for her doll, too. She will love it!

Friday is set aside for Sharing Day. All you will need to do is follow the link on the right side of this blog to send us your photos and ideas!

Until tomorrow –


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Ballerina Wands

What ballerina doesn’t need a wand to help her “Swing, Swish and Sing”?

That is just what we are making today: a  Ballerina Wand. During our photo shoot below, everyone watching had to  try out the wand. I think I was first in line! There is something magical about long, flowing streamers that brings a smile on your face and a bounce to your toes!


• One 12” wooden dowel
• Paint (optional) acrylic
• Ribbon (optional) to wrap the dowel
• Fabric glue (optional) to glue the ribbon to the wand handle
• Various colors and lengths of ribbon
• Beads, bells (optional)
• Glue gun  OR a flat head thumbtack
• Embellishment for the top (silk flower, tulle poof, beads on wire)


Wand Handle: Make this ahead if you are painting it to allow drying time. The thickness of the dowel will depend on how strong you want it to be. I used a dowel that is 3/4″ in diameter.

• Paint the wooden dowel with acrylic paint.

• OR wrap the dowel with ribbon secured with hot glue.

• OR use fabric glue and ribbon to glue and wrap as you go along the dowel.


• Cut ribbons of various lengths and colors of your theme. I made mine all different lengths (36” to 20”) and textures. I used 6 different ribbons: solid sheers in light pink in both 3/8” and 7/8” widths, Rose Pink Cherries patterned grosgrain, 7/8”size, French pink 3/8” solid colored grosgrain, Hot pink 3/8” solid colored grosgrain, and Two Tone pink Glitterific 3/8”. All these are from Ribbons and Bows Oh My. Remember, you want the ribbons to swing as your ballerina twirls!

• I referred to the tutorial, “Pony Tail Elastic Streamers”, to learn how to layer the ribbons and secure them together.

Pony Tail Elastic from Jennifer Huinker on Vimeo.

Instead of making all the ribbons even, I layered the ribbons on top of each other randomly making some sides uneven and some centered. After determining a center, baste the center with thread, cinching in any wider ribbon. Wrap the thread around the center point to secure all of the ribbons. Take a narrow ribbon piece and glue it perpendicular to the center of the cinched ribbons. Add a dot of hot glue to the topside edge of the dowel to glue the centers to the dowel. Wrap the single ribbon around the dowel and secure with more glue.

• Option: Use a thumbtack to secure the center of the cinched ribbons to the top of the dowel.  You might have to drill a small hole in the top of the dowel and use a dab of glue to secure it.

Top Embellishment:

• Tulle poof – cut 3 feet of 6” tulle ribbon. I used pink tulle. Thread a needle with a knot at the end. Loop the tulle around a 6″ index card. Slip the tulle off the card holding the center.  Sew a running stitch through the center of the tulle ribbon. Pull the thread to gather the tulle and wrap the thread around the center pulling tight as you go. Secure with a final stitch. Fluff out the tulle loops by pulling them apart to create a puff. Hot glue the tulle puff to the top of the dowel or on the thumb tack.

• Other embellishments would work also – silk flowers, bows, etc.

Think, “Swing, Swish and Sing“. That is just what your little ballerina is going to do as she dances with the Ballerina Wand.

Have fun! Looking forward to tomorrow.


Tulle Tableskirt

How is the No Sew Tutu coming along? I decided to add a large silk flower for extra “bling” to my tutu. My grandson’s friend really liked this extra touch.

Tulle Table Skirt

Today is a sharing day. For more ideas please check out Sweet Craft Cakes . This craft artist has a tutorial for tutu table skirts. Also check out Tutu Divine for tons of different tutus featured on this site. Cute, right?

All I can say is the sky isn’t the limit to our creativity. We CAN go beyond!

I will share with you links to other craft artists who are doing similar projects to ours at Ribbons and Bows Oh My. As an elementary school art teacher, I know that art keeps going round and round. We often get our best ideas from someone else. It’s putting our personal touch on it that makes it unique and spurs our creativity. Feel free to share your best blogs with us. We will love it!

Remember to check out the ribbons on sale.

See you tomorrow.


Ballet Class

Welcome to the new “Ribbons and Bows Oh My” blog. In our new blog, we hope to get your creativity started by sharing daily projects around a weekly theme for you to try. A new step will be introduced each day with photos and directions for you to follow. We will also be asking you to share your creativity by sending in photos of the masterpieces you made each week. Please pop in each day to the next step!

Since the holidays are just around the corner, I know you are itching to get started. Ready? I am………..

This week’s theme….“Ballet Class”

This is a super easy way to make your special ballerina sparkly in any season. We have so many beautiful ribbons and embellishments that work with this project. Choosing seasonal colors and ribbons will make this work all year round. Imagine ballerina snowflakes, Santa Elves, New Year’s Babies, etc. It is so easy you could even make party favors for the next themed birthday party.

“No Sew” TUTU

I loved making this no sew tutu. Here is a tutorial video from our website.

NoSew Tutu from Jennifer Huinker on Vimeo.


  1. 1-2 spools of tulle. If you use more than one color you will need a spool for each color.
  2. One 1.5 crochet headband (or a piece of elastic sewed in a circle to fit your waistband)
  3. Embellishments such as Glitterific Ribbon, stars, flowers, etc.

I used a Shocking Pink crochet headband, one spool of red sparkle tulle, and about 4 ft of Two Tone pink Glitterific ribbon.

Since I was making a tutu for a 6 year old, I wanted the skirt to be about 12 inches long. I cut 30 pieces of tulle each 24 inches long. I followed the tutorial to make the skirt. The tulle strip is folded in half making a loop with your finger in the center. The loop goes into a bottom hole in the headband on the front side, and then you pull the rest of the tulle through the loop and pull tight. If you are using a piece of elastic for the waist just loop the tulle over the elastic instead of pulling it through the crocheted hole in the headband. It will work the same way. If you want a fuller shirt, make another row of tulle in the next layer of holes in the headband.

After the tulle was placed, I cut the Glitterific ribbon into 2-2 ft long pieces and looped each through a hole in front.

Voila!!  The tutu is complete! It took about 45 minute to complete this project after I had the ribbon cut. Pretty easy, right? I love the shimmering sparkle tulle. Wouldn’t it look cute in white shimmering tulle with snowflake embellishments?

Have fun! Check in tomorrow for more tulle ideas.


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