Tulle Tableskirt

How is the No Sew Tutu coming along? I decided to add a large silk flower for extra “bling” to my tutu. My grandson’s friend really liked this extra touch.

Tulle Table Skirt

Today is a sharing day. For more ideas please check out Sweet Craft Cakes . This craft artist has a tutorial for tutu table skirts. Also check out Tutu Divine for tons of different tutus featured on this site. Cute, right?

All I can say is the sky isn’t the limit to our creativity. We CAN go beyond!

I will share with you links to other craft artists who are doing similar projects to ours at Ribbons and Bows Oh My. As an elementary school art teacher, I know that art keeps going round and round. We often get our best ideas from someone else. It’s putting our personal touch on it that makes it unique and spurs our creativity. Feel free to share your best blogs with us. We will love it!

Remember to check out the ribbons on sale.

See you tomorrow.


Ballet Class

Welcome to the new “Ribbons and Bows Oh My” blog. In our new blog, we hope to get your creativity started by sharing daily projects around a weekly theme for you to try. A new step will be introduced each day with photos and directions for you to follow. We will also be asking you to share your creativity by sending in photos of the masterpieces you made each week. Please pop in each day to the next step!

Since the holidays are just around the corner, I know you are itching to get started. Ready? I am………..

This week’s theme….“Ballet Class”

This is a super easy way to make your special ballerina sparkly in any season. We have so many beautiful ribbons and embellishments that work with this project. Choosing seasonal colors and ribbons will make this work all year round. Imagine ballerina snowflakes, Santa Elves, New Year’s Babies, etc. It is so easy you could even make party favors for the next themed birthday party.

“No Sew” TUTU

I loved making this no sew tutu. Here is a tutorial video from our website.

NoSew Tutu from Jennifer Huinker on Vimeo.


  1. 1-2 spools of tulle. If you use more than one color you will need a spool for each color.
  2. One 1.5 crochet headband (or a piece of elastic sewed in a circle to fit your waistband)
  3. Embellishments such as Glitterific Ribbon, stars, flowers, etc.

I used a Shocking Pink crochet headband, one spool of red sparkle tulle, and about 4 ft of Two Tone pink Glitterific ribbon.

Since I was making a tutu for a 6 year old, I wanted the skirt to be about 12 inches long. I cut 30 pieces of tulle each 24 inches long. I followed the tutorial to make the skirt. The tulle strip is folded in half making a loop with your finger in the center. The loop goes into a bottom hole in the headband on the front side, and then you pull the rest of the tulle through the loop and pull tight. If you are using a piece of elastic for the waist just loop the tulle over the elastic instead of pulling it through the crocheted hole in the headband. It will work the same way. If you want a fuller shirt, make another row of tulle in the next layer of holes in the headband.

After the tulle was placed, I cut the Glitterific ribbon into 2-2 ft long pieces and looped each through a hole in front.

Voila!!  The tutu is complete! It took about 45 minute to complete this project after I had the ribbon cut. Pretty easy, right? I love the shimmering sparkle tulle. Wouldn’t it look cute in white shimmering tulle with snowflake embellishments?

Have fun! Check in tomorrow for more tulle ideas.


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