Dads Need Self-Care Too!

Father’s can be one of the hardest people to shop for, so we have the PERFECT gift idea to give your Father this Sunday:

a SELF-CARE package!

Thanks to Johnathan Van Ness and the rest of the Fab 5…

Self-Care for men is becoming a HOT trend!

Help your dad stay on the pulse by buying him a self-care package that inspires him to take time out of the day to spend on himself.

The perfect pack would include:

  • Moisturizer for the face
  • Pomade to keep the hair sleek and styled
  • Cologne to stay fresh!

Throw in a little pouch to keep everything in one place, and help dad stay organized!

We hope this helped, and we hope you have a great Father’s Day!!



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12 Ways to Rock Ribbon in Your Hair 🎀

As the gift giving begins, out comes the spools upon spools of ribbon. It’s always fun to perfectly tie up a present, but we’ve got a use for the silky stuff that’s even better… put it in your hair! If you thought the days of ribbon wearing stopped once you graduated elementary school, you’re sorely mistaken, friend. The classy (not to mention cheap) hair accessory can spice up a whole bunch of hairstyles in a totally grown up kind of way. Whether you need something to wear to a holiday party or you’re just looking to spice up your daily ‘do, here are 12 ways to use ribbon in your hair (via BRIT + CO.)

1. Beautified Halo Braid: The halo braid is gorgeous on its own, but twist in a gold ribbon throughout the style and it’s sure to be a hit. This isn’t the easiest style to master, but once you get it down your braiding options are endless. (via Once Wed)

2. Ribbon Headband: Sure, you could just cut a long strand of ribbon and tie it around your head, but let’s be honest: ribbon slips easily and nobody wants to be fiddling with their hair all day. Here’s a secret tip to try to keep that ribbon in place: glue a strand of ribbon to a basic plastic headband for more support and simply tie it together at the bottom. (via Missy Sue)

3. Ribboned French Braid:Full disclosure: this tutorial is in Russian, but you’ll be able to pick up how they create this unique look just by watching. Plus, if you learn a little bit of Russian along the way, that never hurts. (via YouTube)

4. Mini Bow: Sleek, simple and totally timeless, this half-up, half-down ‘do gets a facelift with just a small piece of ribbon tied into a charming bow. (via Running on Happiness)

5. Bow Tied High Pony: If you want to take the previous hairstyle up a notch, upgrade from half up to fully up and a mini bow to a giant bow. If you try this look, make sure to keep the ribbon tails long and flowing for a whimsical touch. (via Glam Meets Glam)

6. Ballerina Bun: Leave it to our favorite gal Lauren Conrad to turn a basic bun into a showstopper. Gather up your hair and twist into a bun just like you normally would, then form a strand of ribbon into a bow and it pin to the side of the bun. (via The Beauty Department)

7. Lace Pony: Dress that tail up with a bit of lace to achieve this antique look. Keep it romantic with lace or swap it out for a sparkly ribbon if you’re in need of some extra holiday spirit. (via Bridal Musings)

8. Twisted Top Knot: This vlogger takes us through a whopping six different ways to use ribbon in your hair, but our favorite is the top knotted bun. She pretty much uses the same technique here as the side pony pictured above, except instead of keeping it down she twists and pins it up into a bun. (via YouTube)

9. Twisted Tale: If you’re into the braided crown but can’t quite get the hang of it, this side pony interweaves the ribbon similarly, but with a twist rather than a braid. Consider this a simplified or starter version of the wrap-around hairstyle. (via Refinery29)

10. Curled Ribbon: For a voluminous, tousled version of the classic, half-up, half-down look pictured above try this style that first curls the whole head, then turns the pulled up section into a fishtail. To help the ribbon blend in to this curled ‘do, simply curl the ribbon! (via Irrelephant)

11. Rainbow Fishtail: Transform a basic fishtail into a color explosion. This tutorial uses yarn in the braid, but this could easily be replaced with thin strands of ribbon for a shiny, fancier look. (via A Beautiful Mess)

12. Dutch Braided Headband: Take that ribbon headband one step further and actually braid it into the front of your head. If you have bangs that you don’t want to worry about, here’s a great way to get rid of them for the evening. (via Missy Sue)

Would you try any of these styles? Share a snap of how you wear ribbon in your hair with us! @ribbonandbowsohmy 

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Things to Remember this Memorial Day ❤️

Memorial Day Weekend is supposed to be a time to honor, celebrate and remember. However, we can all get so caught up in celebrations that we forget the reason for this holiday.

Here are some things to remember or focus on this weekend!

  1. Relax! Do not make this holiday become a stressful job. If you are trying to plan a weekend trip or host a party, remember to relax and make sure that you are enjoying this time off as well as your family and friends.
  2. Family comes first! A huge part of this holiday is to bring your family together. Make sure you take time from all the festivities to spend time with your family while you and your spouse have this time off to spend with the kids.
  3. Remember! Take time to educate your children on what this holiday means, and maybe spend a moment of silence remembering and celebrating what these veterans did for us!

Be sure to enjoy this holiday weekend!



How to Stay Fit While Traveling this Summer! ☀

We know that summer-time means travel-time!

However, it is hard to keep that summer body when you are on vacation mode 24/7!

Here are a couple tips and hints to help you stay in shape while traveling!

1. Sunrise Yoga!

Whether you are at the beach, lake, or even a hotel, waking up to some pretty sunshine and a tough yoga moment will start you off to a perfect vacation day!

2. Homemade Cardio!

It might be a beautiful run on the sand, jumping jacks and mountain climbers with your kids, biking around the city, or even just jogging in place in that same hotel room–either way: coming up with a way to get your heart rateup on your own is the best way to give yourself a vacation from your typical cardio on a treadmill!

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, HYDRATE!

The EASIEST and BEST way to have a healthy and enjoyable time with your friends and family on your summer travels is to stay hydrated! Replace that soda for some classic H2O, and you will be able to enjoy some poolside ice cream without the guilt!

Hope you have the BEST summer ever!

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A Mom Tiara: You NEED This

Really adorable DIY from Design Improvised – why haven’t we thought of this before? Pipe cleaners and sparkle pom-poms make a VERY awesome crown for most important (or at least most frequently addressed!) person around: Mom 🙂




Perfect DIY Gift for Mom! <3

This Woven Heart is the perfect Mother’s Day gift! AND pretty easy..just remember, the *woven* part of it is literal! You’re going over-and-under, like a lattice pie crust or a woven headband.


  • 2 x 4 inch piece of 3/8 Grosgrain, 1 Red & 1 Pink (ends sealed)
  • 2 x 4.5 inch piece of 3/8 Grosgrain, 1 Red & 1 Pink (ends sealed)
  • 1 partially covered alligator clip (using 4.5 inches of 3/8 Pink Grosgrain) (ends sealed)
  • rotary cutter OR scissors
  • lighter, glue gun, thread

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Fun with Veggies!🥦

These cute veggie prints are a great kid-friendly craft! You just need some veggies (ones that are on their way to the Compost Bin are fine!), fabric paint, an iron and wax paper and some good lookin’ substrates. Pillows, totes and tea towels are all great destinations for these cute prints! Head to Craft and Creativity for more inspiration!



DIY Fold Over Elastic Hair Tie

Easy hair ties!

We love fold over elastic hair ties and they are super simple to make yourself! Follow this simple tutorial and be sure to shop HERE for a variety of fold over elastic. Great for headbands, shabbies, hair ties, pony tail holders or just a fun wrist accessory!

From solids, to rainbow, glitter, patterned, and more! Don’t miss out on this HOT trend!





Abby Lawson from Just a Girl and Her Blog has the right idea with this perfect spring cleaning checklist!

Friends, I am the first to admit that cleaning is not my favorite thing in the world. I absolutely love to organize, but cleaning? Not so much. Every year when spring cleaning time rolls around, I vow that this year will be different, that I will find the perfect printable on Pinterest print it off, and complete every single task on the list!

Do you know how many times I’ve done that successfully? Approximately zero. 🙂

Oh, I’ll print off the sheet. Sometimes I even do a few of the tasks. But with 10-15 tasks usually listed for each room of the house, I quickly get discouraged and abandon my best laid plans.

Because of my terrible track records with spring cleaning plans in the past, this year I decided that I would take matters into my own hands and come up with a plan that is 100% my own.

I call it my five point plan.

You see, while 10-15 tasks might seem overwhelming to me, five seems like a much more manageable number. I can handle five tasks in each room, especially if I get to decide what those tasks are going to be. When I came up with this brilliant plan, then, I knew I would have to create a pretty printable to go with it, so that is exactly what I did.

My list is simple. I broke it down by area of the house and left space to add five tasks for each room. I figure that if I can hit one room each weekend for the next few months, I can easily complete my list before spring ends.

Five tasks per weekend? That I can handle. I can make them as big or small as I want and focus on the areas in my house that really need the most attention. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Oh, and of course I’m giving you a copy of my pretty spring cleaning checklist too! Simply click below to download your free copy!

{Click here to download your FREE printable spring cleaning checklist!}

Need some ideas of tasks to add to your list? You can download a pre-filled version of the spring cleaning checklist here.

I don’t know that spring cleaning will ever be on my list of favorite tasks, but having a pretty printable (and putting on some fun music while I’m cleaning!) can make it a little more bearable!





Glow in the Dark Easter eggs 🌚

Eek, it’s already almost Easter! Can you believe it?

Make hunting for eggs a little more fun for older kids by hosting the activity at night with glow-in-the-dark eggs.

We just love this idea from Lil’ Luna 

So easy and fun!


-Plastic Easter Eggs (medium – large size work best)

-Glow Sticks




1. Snap glow sticks so they are glowing and insert into eggs along with some candy. They can be a little tricky to fit in and close easily.

The easiest thing we’ve found that helps is putting on the connector piece to the glow stick making it a circle, and then twisting it to be two circles and then putting it inside the egg. 🙂

Tape shut and HIDE.

That’s it – Told you it was EASY!



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