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5th of July-Done Right!

As the Fourth of July festivities come to a close, we begin the challenge of cleaning up and returning to our daily routines. Even though your party is over, the one in  your refrigerator probably isn’t! Check out these ways to repurpose your grilled leftovers in different ways this week. Here are four of our ideas: 

1. Burgers!

After devouring the American classics like burgers and hotdogs, a good way to reuse leftovers is by turning them into unique dishes like tacos! You can take leftover hamburgers, crumble up the meat, add taco seasoning, and you have a delicious taco filling. Buy some taco shells or use the filling as a topping on a salad!  

2. Hot Dogs!

Hot dogs for breakfast? Yes, you read that right. Leftover hotdogs or bratwursts make for great ingredients in omelettes. Chop up he hotdogs into small pieces and add them in with your other favorite toppings. This is an easy way to ramp up a normal breakfast by adding some good protein! 

3. Chicken!

Grilled chicken is the easiest leftover to be repurposed. The options are limitless! By shredding the meat, it can be turned into copious amounts of chicken salad. Create your own flare by adding your preferred ingredients like fruit, celery, nuts, or mayonnaise to finish off your salad!  

4. Barbecue Pork!

Typically the staple at any Fourth of July event, barbecue pork can also be reused as a pizza topping. Whether you are ambitious in making homemade pizza, or just want to flare up a frozen pizza sitting in your freezer, you can throw some leftover pork on top! This is a great way to keep that delicious barbecue from going bad while giving you a way to sneak some extra protein into your diet.  



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Fourth of July on a Budget!

If you are hosting your own party, (because no one else will step up and do it) you may find out how pricey it can be! Especially a Fourth of July party!

Here are some ideas to make sure you have a fun time without emptying your wallet!

1. Make The Party A Potluck

I am SURE your guests are happy enough to get the invite, so they should be willing to bring a side dish or dessert!

This prevents you buying a bunch of food that people won’t eat!

2. Create a Slip and Slide!

Keep the kids entertained by creating a homemade slip and slide with just a tarp, soap, and a water hose!

3. Use What You Have!

Whether its a old corn hole set, the game of Twister that your kids have not touched in years, or just a beach ball, create your own fun with what you have! It is YOUR party, why should you spend hundreds of dollars for a one time thing??

From all of us at RABOM, we hope you have the BEST Fourth of July!



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Easy Patriotic Mason Jars

Simple, Easy, DIY Craft Decorations for Fourth of July

We all know one of our favorite holidays is coming up.. FOURTH OF JULY!

Here is a simple craft that will boost your patriotic decor:


Buy some Mason Jars! Hobby Lobby has inexpensive ones, or maybe you have some unused that are laying around your house!


Burlap! Buy burlap to wrap around your jar. We offer a variety of colors and styles online HERE

PRO TIP: If you tape down the burlap, you can easily remove when you need the mason jar again!

STEP 3: 

Buy some patriotic ribbon online HERE and simply tie around the mason jar overlapping the burlap.

You can use these jars as candle holders, cups, flower holders, sparkler holders, utensil holders, or whatever your heart desires!

PLUS: you can change the ribbon out for the next holiday, birthday, or just to have around the house!

We hope you enjoyed these ideas, this was inspired by !



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Shake Those Ribbon Wands!

A fun craft for the kiddos! A patriotic ribbon wand is a fun and simple way to give little hands a way to participate in 4th of July festivities without the use of matches! 

Here is a great how-to video made by the wonderful Jessica Hill from

These are some of our favorite patriotic ribbon that would be perfect for this project! How cute is the patriotic unicorn pattern??!! Link in photo!

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