Disney Characters that Teach Life Lessons!

This summer has been PACKED with live-action remakes of classic Disney Movies such as Dumbo, Aladdin, and The Lion King!

With all of these movies, we can learn really important life lessons from the characters!


Not only is Dumbo the cutest, but he also knows the insecurities people feel in everyday life!

He was a lot different than the other elephants, and he got made fun of it for it.

Eventually, he gained his confidence in his own skin, and he was able to fly free (figuratively, AND literally!!)


Jasmin is a QUEEN who is TRYING to prove to everyone that she is an independent woman who don’t need no man! However, it is not until the end when all the men realize that she is a true queen and can rule the land WITHOUT a man by her side (even though she does end up with Aladdin, but he is just some eye candy)


Pumbaa is that funny, loyal, and confident friend that everyone needs in their life! He is the most confident despite all of his flaws, and he has made the best of friend because of it! (Simba and Timone)

After reading this, try to watch Disney movies while picking up what the characters bring to the table, and how they can impact your life and others around you!



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