How to Stay Fit While Traveling this Summer! ☀

We know that summer-time means travel-time!

However, it is hard to keep that summer body when you are on vacation mode 24/7!

Here are a couple tips and hints to help you stay in shape while traveling!

1. Sunrise Yoga!

Whether you are at the beach, lake, or even a hotel, waking up to some pretty sunshine and a tough yoga moment will start you off to a perfect vacation day!

2. Homemade Cardio!

It might be a beautiful run on the sand, jumping jacks and mountain climbers with your kids, biking around the city, or even just jogging in place in that same hotel room–either way: coming up with a way to get your heart rateup on your own is the best way to give yourself a vacation from your typical cardio on a treadmill!

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, HYDRATE!

The EASIEST and BEST way to have a healthy and enjoyable time with your friends and family on your summer travels is to stay hydrated! Replace that soda for some classic H2O, and you will be able to enjoy some poolside ice cream without the guilt!

Hope you have the BEST summer ever!

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