January 25th 2019 archive

Wool You Be Mine? 🌹

Know any crochet or knitting enthusiasts? Why not make their Valentine’s Day by sending them this adorable card!

The blogger behind this craft project is Stephanie from All About Ami. She has created a free printable to help you make this and there are plenty of photos that explain how to make it too!

You have two options!

Wool You Be My Valentine?” and “Wool You Be Mine?

We also wanted to have both crochetingand knitting options!

To help you easily make this card along with us, we have created a FREE PRINTABLE PDF HERE so you can have the exact same text that we designed and used!

To Make: 

  1. Print out the Wool Valentine Card PDF HERE using good quality paper.
  2. Cut along the line in the middle.
  3. Fold it in half.
  4. Make a yarn ball!  We’ve even included a PDF of the Yarn Ball Circle Template HERE if you want guidance for that too! It’s best to use sturdier/harder paper for the circle since you will be wrapping yarn around it!  You will need about 145 inches/368 cm of yarn!


Cut a tiny notch at the top of your circle. Begin wrapping the yarn as shown to simulate how a real yarn ball is formed!


Then, use hot glue to firmly stick the yarn ball onto the card. Leave a tail of yarn and carefully glue that strand onto the card as well so it looks like the yarn is all ready to be used!


If you want to make the knitting version, grab two toothpicks and cut off the bottoms with a sharp pair of scissors.


Make a notch at the bottom of the toothpicks by rotating your scissors around them.


Put some fabric glue onto the top of the knitting needles and insert them into your pretty yarn ball!


For the crochet version, use some decorative wire to make a hook by bending one end with a pair of pliers. Place fabric glue on the bottom of the hook and insert it into the ball of yarn.


Aren’t these so modern and beautiful?  They would make such special handmade cards for all the wool lovers in your life!  It’s such a lovely way to use up the scrap yarn you have in your stash too.  You can choose which phrase you want, what color yarn ball you want (like the recipient’s favourite color), and whether you want the knitting or crocheting version!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, everyone!