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1.5 Inch - Rhinestone Strips - 5 Options

Pre-assembled templates of rhinestones that make it possible to glam up and bling out your own 1.5" bows! Perfect for keychain bows, boutique bows, layered bows, etc. These templates come pre-designed and ready to apply! Perfect to change a simple bow into a BLING bow!

Measure: 1.4" in width and various lengths depending on bow design. * Note - each strip ordered is only 1/2 length of bow. Lengths vary from 3" to 7" per strip and are only intended to use on 1 side of bow.

To Apply: Remove white, vinyl from back of stones. Stick the adhesive along with the stones to the grosgrain. Flip over and Heat press/Iron over 375 degrees and hold for 8 - 15 seconds (Heat should be applied to ribbon with the stones/plastic underneath - do not directly heat stones and plastic film). Remove heat and let cool - then release plastic film.


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